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My experience with Supper Happy is top notch. Answer emails and suggest snowboard wax for my need for speed. i appreciate the..


great products and service

Was browsing for decent wax prices/scrapers and stumbled upon superhappywax. They have a good selection of wax and other thin..


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Great products and prices. Friendly, helpful customer service. Quick shipping. Thanks! ..


T. Rice Bluebird Wax

I was looking to re-up my Bluebird T.Rice blueberry wax stash. This wax works amazing in powder and is probably the best smel..


Great service

I ordered some summer wax and 4 tshirts and received them fast as promised. One tshirts was printed wrong so I gave super hap..



Brush it Out - How-to : Base Wax Brushes

Wax brushes are an essential part of the waxing process. Ever wonder what the difference between wax brushes really is? Check this article for all the answers!

Bluebird Wax Spotlight
Bluebird Wax was born in 1996 on a kitchen stove. Since that time we have been dedicated to making the fastest, longest lasting snowboard wax on the planet. Our products are backed by the best snowboarders in the world. Even Travis Rice. Bluebird Snowboards Presents a Washington Adventure from willie mcmillon on Vimeo. Check out DOBRE HOMBRES FULL MOVIE below. DOBRE HOMBRES FULL MOVIE from willie mcmillon on Vimeo.   Check out Mark Carters BBQ Sauce All-Temp Wax Commercial below. Mark Carter/Kevin Jones BBQ Sauce Commercial fr..
Matunas Surf Wax Spotlight
Matunas is an organic wax from their 25 acre farm in Santa Cruz, California, since 1998. Matunas is not a soy wax, and we use ingredients that we grow on our farm. Everything we use is 100% natural. Our fragrances are from real straw berries, raspberries, and jasmine flowers. We have created a product that works superior to the other paraffin and chemical waxes out there in the market. Our wax is non-toxic, biodegradable, and our wrappers are printed with recycled ink on 100% recycled paper. Support Matunas 100% Natural and Organic eco-surf wax.  ..
How to Wax Your Board with and SnowboardSteez.
The process of waxing your board can be very relaxing, and in some cases, can get you amped for the awesome days of shredding ahead. However, waxing improperly or not waxing at all can ruin a great trip. Generally we tell people they should wax their board once every 5-10 times they go out but some riders try to make waxing a routine before every day on the hill. It wont hurt anything by doing so as long as you are sure not to heat up your board too much. Make sure to keep moving your iron and NEVER KEEP IT IN THE SAME PLACE FOR LONGER THAN A FEW MOMENTS. Read the complete how-to on snowboa..
End of Season Storage Wax
This tutorial will help you get your skis and snowboard ready for the off season storage. You will learn how to properly clean and storage wax your skis or snowboard for the upcoming summer. As another great snowboard and ski season winds down. Many of us start making fewer trips to the mountain and pretty soon we have forgot all about our precious equipment. So before we start waxing our surfboards we need to do a final cleaning and storage wax for the summer on our skis or snowboard. Here is how! First off you will want to clean all the dirt and grime off the board. ..
Wax Buddy - Your New Best Friend!
Simply put, the WAX BUDDY solves a common problem that all surfers have: Removing old wax from surfboards. After years of experience using everything from credit cards, to kitchen spatulas, The guys at Endless wave finally found the perfect tool for the job.   The WAX BUDDY incorporates a scraper, a comb, and cupped rail edge. Its trademark is the handle that provides incredible leverage. The compact size fits easily into your travel bag, baggies or glove box. Once you give the wax buddy a try, you will never go back to using ordinary wax combs again. WAX BUDD..
Shape Shifters All-Temp Wax On Sale Now
On Sale 20%-50% Off. Fun shapes and smells for hot waxing or rubbing it on. Available in assorted colors. All temperature ski and snowboard wax ..
Butta Ski and Snowboard Wax Spotlight
Here at Butta we have big love for the mountains, with or without that amazing stuff we call snow, we believe that it is of upmost importance that we preserve the mountains all year round, which is why "Butta" is much greener than most other wax's on the market. We have been perfecting our recipes for 2 years in real conditions in various top resorts around the world but not forgetting our all important dry, wet, indoor and outdoor slopes here in the UK! We are real Snowboarders and Skiers and know what comes of a good wax! Butta has been born out of a constant struggle to find an easy to appl..
Purl Wax Spotlight
Since Purl Wax opened its doors in Colorado, we have been dedicated to making incredibly fast and durable ski and snowboard wax without the use of toxic PFCs. Over a decade later we continue to focus on performance and the environment. "Faster Than You" is not only our brand intent, it's a promise. Naturally, we are speed demons: Purl Wax has spent over a decade researching alternative materials for use in our ski wax. Our R&D team has found several naturally occurring compounds that have similar ultra-hydrophobic properties to fluoro (PFC) ski waxes. The main dif..
Magical Go-Go Now on SHW
We are super happy to announce that Magical Go-Go has entered the building.  Magical Go-Go® was born in 2003 at approximately 12:16 in the afternoon, during a lunch break, at a skate park. While trying to remember the word for “wax” to help slide the lightning, the words “Magical Go-Go” slid out, and presto, the brand was born. Magical Go-Go is a skate, snow and surf wax & accessory company dedicated to spreading the fun factor for you and your friends. If you slide or ride and stand facing the side, Magical Go-Go has something for you ..
Cape Kiwanda Longboard CLASSIC
September 21st & 22nd 2013 ..
Purl Wax Tips and How to Wax your Skis or Snowboard
First use the right wax for the conditions! Take a look at our wax temp chart below to make sure you are using the right wax for your conditions. How to Wax your Skis or Snowboard: Edges: It is important to keep your edges sharp. Your local tune shop will give you a professional sharpening for about $10 Base work: Bases should be room temperature before any repair work is done. Inspect your base for gouges. If there is a tear in the base, run a razor blade across it on an even plane with the base and shave off any hangers. Gouges will slow you down so take your time. ..
Oneballjay Spotlight
ONEBALLJAY - The originator and inventor of snowboard specific waxes, circa 1986. We manufacture snowboard and ski waxes in the USA. Speed Lesson Speed is Science and we at Oneballjay are experts at making you go faster. So you old ski race buddies talk trash about a small independent wax company ? What could they know?? Well Bud, it's time to listen up and we'll make some little known facts public. Oneballjay has been making Alpine and surf waxes for twenty-four years now. We have over the years refined our formulas and research capabilities to one of the fe..
X-Wax Series by Oneballjay
One Ball Jay X-Wax series ski and snowboard wax is the fastest wax available for retail purchase besides full blown race waxes. X-wax rocks!! Once you try it, anything else feels like you didn't make the finals! X-wax is formulated with Fluorinated paraffin's, Not CFC's or PTFE. X-Wax Series Hot Wax comes in four different flavors based off the temperature of the snow.  For Snow Temperature that is 32º to 26ºF (-0º to -3ºC) Choose Warm (Pink) X-Wax Series by Oneballjay 28º to 21ºF (-2º to -6ºC) Choose Cool (Green) X-Wax Series by Oneballjay 23º to 12ºF (-5º to -11ºC) Choo..
How to wax your snowboard from Eye Handy
This is a how-to video on waxing your snowboard. Done by the pros. :) Seems we can not keep attention unless you wave skin around. Brought to you by Eye Handy   ..