Speed is Science and we at Oneball are experts at making you go faster. So you old ski race buddies talk trash about a small independent wax company? What could they know?? Well Bud, it's time to listen up and we'll make some little known facts public.

Oneball has been making Alpine and surf waxes for twenty-four years now. We have over the years refined our formulas and research capabilities to one of the few progressive wax companies in the world. Our Alpine snowboard and ski waxes are used by many of the best athletes in the world. Olympic Gold, X- Game gold, taking home the hot babe, going fast makes your life a lot better!!!

Little do most people know that the better you take care of your equipment the better you will most likely be as an athlete at an elite level. Believe me, when the moneys on the table, the best guys have their shit dialed!

Oneball wax has been the base formulas for many specialty wax lines that over the years have found their way into the world's best snowboard and SKI World Cup and Olympic teams. The public will never hear about this because big and I mean HUGE European specialty ski wax companies are able to pay their athletes, but even they have been forced to take noticed of what we are doing and have publicly stated that they want what we have going on. Oneball will never be that and they will never be Oneball. But, it's a great testament to how good our products really are, minus a skull here and a neon green wax bar there. Winning races, blasting airs and gliding with ease is what's it all about and we take our history and wax performance with great pride.

Made in the USA,  In our own factory, and engineered to put money in your pocket on race day.
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