Super Happy Waxers

scraper +

I was looking for a scraper so I could scrap my ski's and came across these guys! Great company not only did I get my scraper..


BlueBird All-Temp Pro Wax

This stuff is unbelievable! It doesn't feel like the "harder and longer lasting" wax that the product's website claims it is,..


Awesome products, Fast shipping, and Awesome Service

My experience with Supper Happy is top notch. Answer emails and suggest snowboard wax for my need for speed. i appreciate the..


Great product, better than any wax in market.

Wax is high quality, very easy to wax. I have this wax on my Burton Blunt, it is no problem to ride in any mountain and condi..


Great service and products!

Love the surf wax and air fresheners. The on-line ordering is super efficient. Easy website and fast delivery. ..


Purl Wax Spotlight

Purl Wax Spotlight

Since Purl Wax opened its doors in Colorado, we have been dedicated to making incredibly fast and durable ski and snowboard wax without the use of toxic PFCs. Over a decade later we continue to focus on performance and the environment. "Faster Than You" is not only our brand intent, it's a promise.

Naturally, we are speed demons:

Purl Wax has spent over a decade researching alternative materials for use in our ski wax. Our R&D team has found several naturally occurring compounds that have similar ultra-hydrophobic properties to fluoro (PFC) ski waxes. The main difference is that they are all natural, nontoxic, biodegradable, and renewable. By incorporating these all natural, ultra-hydrophobic ingredients into our ski wax, we are producing a pure, clean, eco-friendly ski wax that can go toe to toe with any chemical laced ski wax product on the market!

Considering the big environmental issues facing us today, ski and snowboard wax might not seem to play such an important role… but a traditional stick of wax bears a lot more toxic potential than generally known. To learn more about wax and the environment please click on the environment tab. To find out what’s new with Purl, just scroll down and enjoy!

Purl Wax interview with Shred Betties

The women’s snowboard magazine Shred Betties interviews Purl Wax’s own Scott Sparks for their latest online issue.

Waxing for a Greener Tomorrow

See how Purl’s All Natural Wax fared when tested against Swix’s fluoros.


Summit Daily News: Purl Wax Increases Production

Read the article

Purl Wax Featured in Jackson Hole Daily

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Purl Wax Featured in the Examiner

Purl Wax: The Green Way to Prep

Purl has Good Wood

Purl Wax has the honor of helping Transworld with the 10th annual Good Wood Tests.

Golden Ticket Giveaway

Purl Wax gives away a cat trip with the Purl pro team to the winner of the golden ticket. When Scotty Winn walked in to Recycle Sports of Frisco Colorado in early March, he had no idea that the visit would lead to an amazing day in the back country with members of the Purl Pro Team. Winn came to Recycle Sports to purchase some Purl Wax, and as he pulled the wax out of the bag he noticed a gold coin resting in the bottom. Several days later, Winn was climbing into a powder cat with the Purl crew for the ride of a lifetime!

The Team

Seth Morrison
Sage Cattabriga-Alosa
Stevie Bell
Jake Blauvelt
Pat Milbery
Chanelle Sladics
Gabe Taylor
Wiley Miller
Jake Black
Jeff Meyer
Joe Vallone
Ricky Bates
Mark Kelsic
Meg Pugh
Silvia Mittermuller
Jonas Carlson
Lonnie Kauk
Cameron Pierce


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