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Purl Wax Tips and How to Wax your Skis or Snowboard

Purl Wax Tips and How to Wax your Skis or Snowboard

First use the right wax for the conditions!
Take a look at our wax temp chart below to make sure you are using the right wax for your conditions.

How to Wax your Skis or Snowboard:


It is important to keep your edges sharp. Your local tune shop will give
you a professional sharpening for about $10

Base work:

Bases should be room temperature before any repair work is done. Inspect your base for gouges. If there is a tear in the base, run a razor blade across it on an even plane with the base and shave off any hangers. Gouges will slow you down so take your time.

If a gouge goes to the core, it is time for a p-tex repair. The fastest way to ruin
your board is to ride it with the inner material exposed. Light a p-tex stick
with a lighter while rotating the p-tex stick to gain the desired consistency. The p-tex will acquire a flame of its own origin. Keep spinning. Think welding with honey. Allow
gravity to pull the p-tex deep into the core. No bubbles. Slightly
over fill. Allow the p-tex to dry for approximately 20 minutes. Use a razor or
Metal Scraper to shave the weld flush with the base. A quality effort will increase speed and last longer.

Drip on the wax:

The goal here is to fill the pores of your board with wax giving you a smooth
ride, better performance, and of course, SPEED. Place your board on a stable
surface. Adjust your iron to just below smoking.

Hold the iron so the hot surface is up with the point towards you. Hover the
iron tip two inches over the board and apply the wax to the hot surface of the
iron. Move the iron lengthwise smoothly dripping a line down the rail 1/4 inch
inside the edge, around the tip, back up the other rail, around the tail, and
back up the center of the board.

Iron the wax into your base:

Flip the iron so the hot surface is flat on your base. KEEP THE IRON MOVING.
Remember if you leave a hot iron on your base for more than a few seconds you
are looking at a $300 hole. Glide the iron from tip to tail until you have one thin film of evenly saturated wax over the base. If one
spot dries faster, drip a little more wax. Pay attention to your contact points.
These are the areas that allow glide. They dry out faster thus needing more wax.
One board should take two or three minutes from first drip to pristine butter smooth.


Scrape off excess wax:

Allow the wax to cool. The longer you wait, the better the wax will bond to your
base. Use the indented edge of your Plastic Scraper to remove the wax from your edges. Run Scraper at ten degree angle from vertical from tip to tail. You are done scraping when the base has no excess wax. If you dripped correctly, this should take about five good strength passes along the entire base.


Brush out excess wax:

Buff to perfection.

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