Super Happy Waxers

One Ball Jay

Real big fan of One ball Jay wax, fast and I don't get caught on catwalks. Couldn't find it local, so I started hunting the ..


Best customer service ever!

I needed a new wax iron fast for a race that weekend. Erik not only had the model in stock that I wanted but personally made ..


So happy I found this place

Got some cool stuff from this place. Their prices are pretty good and customer service is stellar. All the local places by m..


Great Services

Shipped the same day I order, I received my order in a couple of days. It was everything I hoped for (love the scrapper with ..


Great products and service

I could not be happier with my super happy wax order. The items arrived so fast and in perfect condition. Thanks Again..


How to wax your snowboard from Eye Handy

How to wax your snowboard from Eye Handy

This is a how-to video on waxing your snowboard. Done by the pros. :) Seems we can not keep attention unless you wave skin around. Brought to you by Eye Handy


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