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Great product, better than any wax in market.

Wax is high quality, very easy to wax. I have this wax on my Burton Blunt, it is no problem to ride in any mountain and condi..


Great Service

I've been looking for a place to buy various brands of snowboard wax for a fair price and Supper Happy Wax was the best choic..


great products and service

Was browsing for decent wax prices/scrapers and stumbled upon superhappywax. They have a good selection of wax and other thin..


And Cool Stickers Too! Thanks SuperHappyWax!

I usually use Toko non-pfc wax, but heard very good reviews about Purl wax and wanted to give it a try. SuperHappyWax proces..

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scraper +

I was looking for a scraper so I could scrap my ski's and came across these guys! Great company not only did I get my scraper..


Brush it Out - How-to : Base Wax Brushes

Brush it Out - How-to : Base Wax Brushes

Wax brushes are an essential part of the waxing process. Ever wonder what the difference between wax brushes really is? Check below for all the answers!

Brass Waxing Brush - This brush will do just the trick to ensure total wax removal before hot waxing! After removing wax from your skis or snowboard using a scraper, the Brass Waxing Brush removes wax from the micro crevasses in your base. Brush with force in multiple passes from tip to tail to prepare your base for waxing!

Horse Hair Waxing Brush - This brush is used after your ski or snowboard's base has been waxed and scraped. Optimal use with all-temp or warm wax, this brush will fine tune your base to a silky consistency! Firmly brush with multiple passes from tip to tail to remove all remaining wax. Now you're ready to ride! This is the go-to brush for most riders!

Nylon Waxing Brush - After waxing and scraping your skis or snowboard with cold temp or hard waxes, the Nylon Wax Brush will have your base so buttery you'll want to put it on your breakfast toast! Cold temp wax best used in temperatures under 20 degrees.

Brushing out your base will give you a professional wax job that will have you flying down the mountain!

Posted by Erik F

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