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P-Tex Base Repair Candles

P-Tex Base Repair Candles
P-Tex Base Repair Candles P-Tex Base Repair Candles P-Tex Base Repair Candles P-Tex Base Repair Candles P-Tex Base Repair Candles

P-Tex Base Repair Candles

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( lukas grube ) Q: i want to buy the clear ptex because i have a bright board with no black. is the clear ptex sill going to mess up my colors/board?
( Erik F ) A: If the core shot is on a solid color. Then it would be preferred to find that exact color. But that can be a very challenging and if the core shots is on multiple colors almost impossible.. I use the clear p-tex on all non black bases. Sometimes you can see a little discoloration where the repair was done. But most times it is very hard to see.
( Bill ) Q: Will P-Tex Base Repair Candles adhere to a 3 layer polyethylene Old Towne canoe?
( Erik F ) A: Good question... They should since that is the same or similar material to a ski or snowboard base. Here is info on base material. May be worth a shot. Snowboard and ski bases are generally produced from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, a dense, abrasion resistant plastic with low friction properites. Base material grades vary slightly in their density and additives, but all are capable of absorbing wax, and differ from regualar UHMW because they are specially treated for bonding with epoxy resin.

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P-Tex base repair candles are used to repair gouges or deep scratches in your base. Choose the color of p-tex based off the color of your base. Comes in clear or black.

To use:

  1. Light end with lighter or match.
  2. Keep flame small and smokeless.
  3. Drip into gouge or crayon in while still lit.
  4. Use metal scraper to smooth out and flatten so base is now smooth.

Product Code:P-TEX

Product Dimensions11mm - 11mm x 11mm x 7 1/2" 8 mm - 8mm x 8mm x 8"

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