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Thanks for great product and super fast delivery...


snow board kit and wax

Super happy wax was awesome to deal with. Customer service is 2nd to none never waxed a board until..

jeff little

Great prices and quick shipping

Had trouble finding OneBallJay local. Found the best online prices here and I love the quick shippi..



Wax for my skimboard arrived super fast, and the wax works great...


Wonderful Wax

Happy wax is great! Fun colors and scents that work great. Delivery was fast, friendly and efficien..

Prudence Prince

Snowboard Wax

Snowboarding wax comes in hot wax or rub on wax. For most snowboarders all temperature wax will satisfy your shredding needs. For those who want to achieve the ultimate in speed you should choose a snow temperature based board wax.

For Spring or Slush conditions choose a warm temperature snowboard wax. Warm temperature waxes are formulated to work with the water layer that has formed on the top of the snow not against it. Similar to a well trained ninja who uses force to his advantage instead of working against it.

For the bitter cold to ultra cold conditions choose a cold temperature wax.  Cold temperature waxes are formulated with extra ingredients to make them super hard to repel the friction the ice is trying to lay down.

Keep your snowboard as fast as it can be whether it's dead winter and negative five degrees at Aleyeska in Alaska.  Or its the middle of Summer and seventy five degrees at Mt Hood Oregon.  When you "BUY YOUR WAX FROM US" you will always be fast!


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Oneball The Jesus Wax Snowboard and Ski Shred Wax - All Temp
Red in color, 150 gram The Jesus shaped, great smelling snowboard and ski hot or rub-on wax. ..
Oneball Walter Wax Snowboard and Ski Wax - All Temp
Brown in color, 130 gram coffee smelling snowboard and ski hot or rub-on wax. Nothing says morning l..