Super Happy Waxers

Top notch service!

Super fast shipping! Great packaging and a personal touch from Erik! Stoked! Will be ordering again! Thanks alot!..


Cold Paddle Wax

Due to the artic vortex and frigid cold temperatures, I havent had a chance to use the wax. SupperHappyWax's service was amaz..


Great prices and quick shipping

Had trouble finding OneBallJay local. Found the best online prices here and I love the quick shipping. ..


Shop Smells Great

Ordered on Wednesday, received on Friday. Now the ski shop smells like Bubble Gum Ice Cream wax. Best customer service and or..


T. Rice Bluebird Wax

I was looking to re-up my Bluebird T.Rice blueberry wax stash. This wax works amazing in powder and is probably the best smel..


X-Wax Series by Oneballjay

X-Wax Series by Oneballjay

One Ball Jay X-Wax series ski and snowboard wax is the fastest wax available for retail purchase besides full blown race waxes. X-wax rocks!! Once you try it, anything else feels like you didn't make the finals! X-wax is formulated with Fluorinated paraffin's, Not CFC's or PTFE.

X-Wax Series Hot Wax comes in four different flavors based off the temperature of the snow. 

For Snow Temperature that is

32º to 26ºF (-0º to -3ºC) Choose Warm (Pink) X-Wax Series by Oneballjay

28º to 21ºF (-2º to -6ºC) Choose Cool (Green) X-Wax Series by Oneballjay

23º to 12ºF (-5º to -11ºC) Choose Cold (Purple) X-Wax Series by Oneballjay

12ºF (-11ºC) and colder Choose Ice (Blue) X-Wax Series by Oneballjay

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